Why Organic

Development of Science, Technology and Industry has put us in a polluted mess. We breathe polluted air, drink polluted water, grow in polluted soil and eat. It is doubtful about long-term existence of living beings / things on earth due to discharge of unlimited toxin into air and earth. 

Entire modern agricultural system has become slaves of harmful chemicals fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide, weedicide etc.  Soil and water has been polluted and all micro organisms are dying due to ignorant and excessive discharge of unauthorized chemicals.

When we eat food grown in this environment and drink water from this environment it is not possible to avoid ingesting these harmful chemicals into our bodies.

Recent experiencing of acid rain which spoils the top surface of the soil is an alarming signal for us to have anything grown in earth. Then how do we expect any living being to exist on earth one day after many years.

We, at our farms do not limit just farming without harmful chemical but go beyond into protecting environment, agricultural traditions, traditional seeds, welfare of all other living by creating forest edges and further we use sensible energy derived from HOMA Farming and Ancient Vedic Science in cleaning the atmosphere.

Organic Farming affect number of ways to us

Organic Agriculture and Human Health.

Good Nutrition is vital for maintaining health and preventing disease. Organic Foods are high in nutritional quality and have no chemical residues. We have ethically protected the natural goodness our products. Therefore  they can play a vital role in promoting health.

Organic Agriculture and Food Security.

  Organic products are not only high in quality but also safe to eat. No chemical recedes or other contamination; rich in nutrition; increasing and stabilizing yield; improving resistance to pests and deceases; maintaining genetic values; allowing all natural healing power to remain.  Our Vision is to have Food Safety for all.

Organic Agriculture and Seeds

We prevent using seeds from un-predictable genetic modification  and use only the seeds inherited with natural goodness and healing power.

Organic Agriculture and Environment.

By reducing Green House Gases, storing carbon and plant bio-mass for building organic matter, minimizing energy consumption, soil protection, crop diversity we maintain stable agro-eco system.

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