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Yates cauliflower

Country of Origin - Australia
Germination  - over 95%
Weight per curd - Around 700 – 1,200gr
Colour -Snow white beautiful flower.
Having an excellent taste. Best variety for cooler areas in upcountry.


Lettuce Tropical (Ice Burg)

Country of Origin - Australia
Germination - over 95%,
Colour - Mid green

High yielding variety, a medium ice burg with round shaped head. It has excellent tolerant to bolting and tip burn, good heat tolerance.
Grown under poly tunnels gives better yield.

Also we are able to supply – Jade – leafy type – Heavily incised margin with light frill

Marble  - Oak shaped leaf margin
Opal     - Dark red heavily incised leaf margin
Rubex  - Rich dark red colour

These varieties are produced in areas free of LMV

SAKATA seed cooperation

Cucumber Sakura

Country of Origin - Japan
Germination - 98%
Weight – 140gr per fruit
Colour - Deep green

Highly resistant to common green house cucumber disease.
High yielding parthenocarpic beit alpha hybrid variety. Recommended to cultivate under poly tunnel to get better yield.
High demand variety among cucumber growers

Chinese Cabbage China express.

Country of origin – Japan/ China
Germination – Between 90 – 95%,
Weight  - 1 ½ - 2.00kg
Colour - Light green.
Well wrapped on top, head are barrel shaped

Chili Osaka

Country of origin – Japan / Korea
Germination - 95% - 98%,
Yield per plant - 5kg- 6 kg.

Colour - Dark green 
This variety is highly resistant to common chili disease. Good demand for export market

Chili Supreme Hot

Country of origin - Japan / Korea
Another superior Sakata product
Germination - 95% – 98%
Yield per plant – 5kg-6kg
Harvest per acre – 16,000kg or more
Colour – Shinny Green.
Long fruit turns to red in Maturity.
This variety has high pungency. Highly resistant to Bacterial wilt, Anthracnose etc

Sakata Radish Japan Ball Rabu

Country of origin – Japan / China
Germination - 90 – 95%
Weight - 100gr – 150gr
Available pack size – 100gr – 400gr
Medium size, has a high demand in the market.
One of the best products from Sakata Seed Coperation -Japan

Cauliflower White Shot

Country of origin – Japan / China
Germination  - 95% - 98%,
Weight per curd – 500gr – 750gr.
Superior extra early variety, 40 – 45 days from transplanting.
Specially produced to grow under hot weather conditions, able to withstand heat, humidity and diseases.
One of the best products from Sakata seed Corporation Japan.

Sakata Carrot Toponova Kuroda

Country of origin - Japan
Superior carrot variety from Sakata seed Corporation Japan
Germination – Over 90 – 95%.
Tuber length  - 8inches
Colour  - Smooth deep orange
Planting area - Cooler or sub tropical areas.
Tolerant to heat

Available pack sizes are 100gr and 400gr

Tomato Epoch / Jessica/ Romeo

Country of origin – Japan /  China
Superior products from Sakata seed Corporation. Germination -  95 – 98%
Yield per plant - 5 kg -6 kg
Weight per fruit -  80gr – 85gr
High yielding varieties
High resistant to Bacterial wilt and common tomato diseases, superior heat tolerance.
Fleshy and tasty fruit with hard outer skin prevents damage in transport.
Also available- Cherry tomatoes in Red & yellow colour

Watermelon Sugar Baby

Country of origin – Japan/ China
Germination – Over 95%
Weight per fruit – 3 – 4kg,
Colour - Red flesh with dark green outer skin.
Mid early variety, Sweet in taste.
Most in demand watermelon variety in the dry zone areas.

Cabbage Hercules

Country of origin - Japan
Germination – 90% - 95%
Colour - Bluish green
Head type – Ball
Suitable for both cooler and hotter climates, it thrives in severe climatic conditions.
One of the high yielding varieties, can get over 4000 plants from a 25grs.
Large plant with strong outer leaves, has good holding ability. No burst, easily withstanding rain, heat and cold.

Also available – Red Cabbage
-  Red Jewel
-  Red Rookie.

Leading variety in the red cabbage market, due to the early ness.  Resistant to cracking and head deformation.

Bell Pepper 90F – 4     Excel (Red)
91F - 43 (Yellow)

Country of origin – Japan / China
Germination – 90 -  95%
Weight per fruit  - 170gr- 180gr,
Yield per plant -  2 ½  - 3.00kg
Available in attractive colours such as Red, Yellow & Green, also has a good taste

Melon - Olympic gold (netted )

Round oval shaped fruit 
Weight per fruit – 1.00 -  2kg
Flesh Colour - Deep Orange
Tolerance to Fusarium wilt, downing mildew and powdery mildew.

Melon – Emerald jewel

A green flesh netted melon
Good disease resistant.
Good fruit setting and keeping ability,
almost no cracking.

Melon – Glamour ( No. 144)

A well netted Japanese type melon.
Vigorous plant and strong resistence to disease
Fruit weight -  1.5- 1.7 kg
Colour – Deep grayish green colored skin.
Salmon coloured flesh Has good keeping ability and good eating quality.


TAKAYAMA seed company

Takayama Pepper

Country of origin - Japan
Germination - Over 95%,
Yield per plant -   4kg -5kg
Colour - Yellowish green long fruits,
Good taste
Very good market demand.

takayama paper

Takayama Shin Kuroda – Gold carrot

Country of origin - Japan
Germination 80 – 90%
Weight per fruit - 150 – 200gr
Colour - Reddish pink.
Tuber does not crack under changing climatic conditions and has good uniformity.
High yielding Japanese carrot seed

HED seed company

HED Pepper Hungarian Yellow wax hot

Country of origin - USA
Germination - 85 – 90%
High resistant to Anthracnose
Colour –Yellowish green long fruit.
Good taste and high demand in the market.

HED Beet Crimson Globe

Country of origin - USA
This is an American product
Germination - over 90%.
Weight per tuber  - 200gr – 300gr.
Smooth and polished outer skin, gives more demand in the market. Strong plant capable of withstanding heavy rainy conditions

hed beet crimson globe


Sungrow Supreme Knol Khol Seeds              

Country of origin - India
Germination - 90 – 95%,
Weight per plant - 200gr – 250gr,
Harvest period - 60 – 70 days.
Colour – Green.
This variety can be kept for a long time in the field without cracking.

SYNGENTA Seed Company

Sygenta corn seed NK 40 Super Jumbo

Country of origin – Thai Land

Germination - over 98%,
Harvest per acre - over 3,000kg
Large kernel is fully covered with husk
Highly resistant to Southern rust.
One of the superior products of Sygenta Seed Company in Thai Land


Leeks Large Long Summer

Country of origin - France
Germination - Over 95 – 98%
Highly resistant to purple blotch       
Strong plant can withstand heavy rains and wind.
High market demand due to high yielding ability


grains gautier leeks large long summer

Other products that we can supply

- Perennial crops
- Groundnut
- Black gram
- Green gram
- Agricultural tools -  Mamoties, Rake, Crow Bars, Knife etc.

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